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Rocky Mountain Spencer Rifle
Rocky Mountain Spencer Rifle

These double key Rocky Mtn. rifles are seldom seen these days. They were made right after the Civil War by Western dealers such as J.P.Gemmer -St. Louis (Hawken shop) utilizing surplus Civil War guns. In Chuck Worman's book "Firearms of the American West 1866- 1894" there's a picture of Livereating Johnsons Spencer double key mountain rifle that was built in the Hawkins shop. 

The rifling on this gun is still strong but the bore could use a good cleaning. The rifle appear to be .52 cal. with a 29 1/2 octagon barrel.  It still retains it's original wiping rod. The rifle weighs 15 llbs and the action works well.  A really good looking Western Rifle.

​*Along with this classic Western Rifle will come the true story of  the killing of a Grizzly Bear ​named  ​Reelfoot who had terrorized the citizens of Southern Oregon for over 20 years. The man who finally killed him used a rifle such as this one, a double keyed Spencer rifle. 


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