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Cased Colt Derringer
Cased Colt Derringer
This wonderful cased Colt belonged to William E. Bainbridge . He was a lawyer from Council Bluffs, Iowa who was appointed to the United States legation to Peking as Second Secretary during the Boxer Rebellion . He and his wife arrived in Peking just in time for the Siege. They were both renowned for their acts of courage. One of the pictures shows him sitting with 4  men with the Caption "Heroes of the awlful Siege" (he's the gentlman with a moustache).  This file will come with 2 other pictures of him and his wife. Also , 2 pictures of the Barricade.  A movie titled "55 Days in Peking" starring Charleston Heston, David Niven and Ava Gardner told this heroic story. He was called on again in 1902-03 by Pres. Teddy Roosevelt to arbitrate for the U.S in the Venezuelan Crisis. This crisis isn't known to many Americans today but it nearly brought about the invasion of Long Island, N.Y and Washington, D.C by Germany along with a full naval confrontation of the Dreadnaught Fleets of both Germany and the U.S. Germany was putting together plans to sieze Puerto Rico  and attack the east coast of the U.S.  At this point Pres. Roosevelt  used the power of the Monroe Doctrine to send Admiral Dewey with a fleet of 53 warships to the coast of Venezuela where Germany already had 14 warships. Pres.Roosevelt also called on William E. Bainbridge arbitrate the U.S terms.  He was successful and the crisis was resolved without any bloodshed.  In 1909 he was sent to Paris and put in charge of the special agents of the customs service. Unfortunetly the pressures of his dangerous career finely caught up to him.  On July,21,1909  shot himself (copy of the New York Times obit. incl. )
The pistol and case are in fine + condition.  The case has a nice period inscription on the lid. The interior is really nice with it's original key and six .41cal. cartridges. The pistol functions properly and retains about 90% of it's original nickel finish. It is the early model with the straight up hammer. The ivory grips have taken on a nice mellow patina.   A neat set carried by a Patriot who was involved in some great historical events. 

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