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Colt Dragoon 3rd mdl.
Colt Dragoon 3rd mdl.
This Colt dragoon is in fine+ condition especially for one that saw both Civil War service in California and frontier service in Arizona. The pistol has all matching serial numbers including the wedge and loading lever. The grips still exhibit much of their original factory finish. About 80-85% of the cylinder scene is still visible. You can still see some case colors on the frame while the rest of the gun has a nice blue-brown patina. The action is crisp and sound. The inscription "C .W .Rowell "on the backstrap was done in the period of use and exhibits both wear and patina.
This will come with a 2 inch thick file on Capt. Rowell who was quite an interesting man from his Civil War exploits to his adventures in Arizona Territory.  During the Civil War he saw service in Washington, Oregon, California, and finally New Mexico.  In Arizona he continued to fight corrupt authority and was instumental in bringing down a corrupt U.S Marshal named Edward Phelps. 
He went on to be elected to the House of Representatives in 1865 and in 1868 was appointed U.S Attorney for Arizona Terr. by Pres. Johnson. A really attractive looking pistol with some great history
Price: SOLD!!!