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1877 Colt Lightning + Holster
1877 Colt Lightning + Holster

This is a pretty neat Colt Lightning serial #74622  mfg.1890 with all matching numbers. The pistol is stamped on the grip frame "Lake CO.  S.O 23 ". This stands for Lake Co. Sheriff's Office of which there are a few around the Country.   The action works fine in both S/A & D/A.  About 95% of it's original nickle finish remains with the main lose being at the muzzle from being pulled in and out of the holster. Most of the screws still retain their original factory nitre blue. The outfit is pictured in Gary H. Peters book "The Colt Double-Action Snub-Nose (Pocket) Revolvers". Obviously, the pistol belonged to a Sheriff's offfice but the holster is really special in itself. It consists of a double loop design with 6 cartridge loops . The back appears to made made from Buffalo hide . Copy of the book pages with the pictures of the outfit will come with this outfit.
New Info. The man I acquired this pistol from just told me he had called the Colt factory and was told this pistol was shipped to Chicago.  


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