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Hudson Valley ' Doglock' Fowler
Hudson Valley ' Doglock' Fowler

This is a very early Hudson Valley Fowler 1702-1714. The Doglock has the A R (Queen Anne)  marking under the pan .  Queen Anne reigned from 1702 until her death in 1714.  Overall the gun is 70" with a 54" barrel which exhibits two proof marks which I'm unable to discern. The stock is absolutely beautiful with a very heavy dark patina and the sparse carving that you only see on the earliest Hudson Valley Fowlers.  Also exhibits the early feature of the barrel screw entering from the bottom.  The forestock has had some wood repairs that were done in it's period of use and have the appropriate wear(refer to picture #6).  A really beautiful early American upstate New York fowler rarely seen for sale.

P.S I just received an e-mail from a friend telling me that he had bought this wonderful Hudson Valley Fowler from a plummer on Long Island , N.Y.  12 years ago. The plummer had told him that he had taken it in as partial payment from a women whom he had done work for and couldn't pay the total bill.  


Price: SOLD!!!