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Mdl.1850 Foot Officer's  Sword
Mdl.1850 Foot Officer's Sword

A beautiful sword carried by a true American hero. Please refer to the picture which contains the cover sheet for further details. This sword was given to him by his father in 1862 when he made the rank of Captain in the 2nd Mass. He carried it in the Battle of Antietam where he was WIA but his life was saved as his pocket watch deflected the bullet that surely would have killed him. I found a copy of one of his letters home that decribed the incident. I also have a copy of a letter that he sent to his mother dated June, 3rd,1863 stating that he was sending his sword home to her that she might have it etc. This letter is on display at the Museum of African American History in Boston, Ma.  I also have  many more of his personal letters one dated July 1 ,1863 addressed  to his father thanking him for the new English sword which replaced the sword he carried at Antietam and had just sent home..  In Mar. & April of 1863  he was promoted to Major and then Col. and put in command of the 54th Ma. Inf. (a newly formed Black Regiment) and  would have carried this new sword in leading the charge on Ft. Wagner in which he was killed . The movie"Glory" was all about the formation of the 54th Ma. which culminated in it's heroic charge on Ft. Wagner. S.C  The lead character of Col. R.G. Shaw was played by Mathew Broderick. .   This beautifil sword will come with a 1" thick folder containing his history and personal letters.


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