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Model 1840  Hall-North Carbine
Model 1840 Hall-North Carbine

This is a very rare carbine to find nowadays. Depending on whose book you read Flayderman refers to this as Model 1840 Hall-North carbine Variation of Type 11. George Moller in his book refers to it as North Model 1840 Type 111. Either way it's a very rare gun. As you can see in the pictures it's all correct with the shortened trigger guard and the sling ring moved to the 8 1/2" sling bar. The gun also exhibits a .52 cal. rifled bore which another rare feature. The stock has a crack on the right side which is stable and solid(pic. 2). The breech exhibits the military inspectors initials  J.C.B (Joseph C. Bragg). The Fishtail  operating lever works well as does the action. These carbines were used by Dragoons in both the Mexican-American and the Civil War. 


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