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Rev.War Brown Bess 2nd Mdl.
Rev.War Brown Bess 2nd Mdl.

​This 2nd mdl. British Brown Bess was the property of the Queens Rangers and is so marked on it's 42" barrel.  The musket is in very good condition with the stock still exhibiting all it's  viewer's mark and ordinance storekeepers stamp.  The tower lock has a broad arrow and functions properly.  The musket's shows signs of American use with a crude period wrist repair done with wire which is no longer present but left a black impression. The repaired area is now strong and solid and no longer requires the wire.  Also, a rear sight was cut into the barrel tang which is a sure sign of American use. 

​The Queens Rangers was originally assembled in the French and Indian Wars by ​ Col. Robert Rogers ​ and became famous for their unconventional tactics. When the Revolutionary War broke out  Col.​ Rogers was ordered to raise the Queens Rangers again.  Early in 1776  ​Col .Rogers was succeeded  Major Wemyss ​and under his command they participated in operations against Philadelphia  were they were mentioned specially in Howe's dispatches. At  Brandywine  they defeated two whole brigades of Continental forces .  They also participated in the Battle of  Germantown  where Major Wemyss was wounded and thus replaced by Col. John Simcoe. Under  Col. Simcoe  they distinguished themselves at the Battle of Monmouth.  From there they moved south and participated in the capture of  Charlestown and Williamsburg. At  Spencer's Ordinary, Simcoe's men defeated a force of 1200 men .  When Col. Simcoe ​ learned that Cornwallis was hemmed in at Yorktown and had agreed to an armistice, he asked leave to fight his way out with his Regiment: but Cornwallis refused. 

​My best guess is that Yorktown ​is where this historic musket was acquired by the Continental forces.    


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