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Rev.War French Charleville Musket
Rev.War French Charleville Musket

​This musket is just the way you like to find them but seldom do.  There's been no attempt at any restoration and just the way it was put away the last time it was used 200 + years ago. Totally out of the attic! These brass furnture French muskets are referred to as Marine musket​ many of which found their way into American privateer hands while they were outfitting in French ports.. In essence American privateers were all our fledgling nation had as a naval force during the Revolution. Geo. Neumann has a similar musket pictured on pg.104 in "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution". ​ The long side plate at one time had a iron sling ring which was removed and filled during it's period of use. The 42" barrel is octagon at the breech for 7" and has a bayonet lug on top 2" from the muzzle . There's a indiscernable proof mark on the breech flat and a rear sight groove cut into the breech tang which is typical on American used muskets. The middle brass band is missing it's retaining spring.  There's a period iron repair to the wood between that barrel tang and lock. The lock appears frozen and I really don't want to force it.    A wonderful additon to any Rev.War collection!   

​I just added to my photo's a copy of pg.110  American Military Shoulder Arms Vol. 2 by Geo. Moller. It states that in a 1797 inventory of Arms at Schuykill Arsenal a total of 532 Brass mounted French muskets left over from the Revolutionary War were still serviceable. 



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