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'73 Colt S/A -' Vera Cruz-' War Trophy
'73 Colt S/A -' Vera Cruz-' War Trophy

​This neat Colt S/A .44-40 was formerly in the Dr. Wm. Shugar collection. ​It will come with a thick folder containing many pictures and his research papers. Also, a couple of books detailing the bloody fighting at Vera Cruz . The pistol was originally shipped by Colt to Hartley ​& Graham , N.Y.C July 31, 1883. Over the next 30 years it made it's way to the American Southwest and eventually to Mexico ​where it ended up in the hands of a Mexican Revolutionary. The pistol is in very good condition with matching serial numbers and strong crisp action. It has acquired a a nice even grey-brown patina over the years . The pistol shows evidence of hand to hand combat.  It has a machette or sword slash on it's ejector housing and the front of the trigger guard bow.

In the spring of 1914 there was a incident in Mexico where sailors from  the US. gunboat Dolphin went ashore for supplies and were arrested by Mexican police. This became know as the Tampico Affair​  and lead to the street fighting that erupted in Vera Cruz. When the U.S Govt. learned that Germany was sending ships with supplies to arm the rebels  Pres. Wilson sent the fleet to intercept the German ships of which the USS Utah  was one. The Utah landed her Battalion -17 officers and 367 sailors- as well as her marine detachment, which formed part of the improvised "First Marine Brigade" made  up of  detachments of marines from other ships that had arrived to show American determination. In the ensuing fighting in which the men of Utah's "Bluejacket  Battalion" distinguished themselves, as seven won the Medal of Honor. For an engagement of this rather small magnitude to have had seven Medals of Honor awarded this must have been one firce battle !!! 

​Seaman J. Parkison acquired this pistol in battle and had the event inscribed on the barrel "​ Captured in the Occupation of Vera Cruz April 21, 1914 J. Parkison Seaman USS Utah CSC No.42029 ".  The USS UTAH ended her service on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941 when she was sunk in the sneak of the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.   A very historical piece!  


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