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'73 Colt S/A   #5988
'73 Colt S/A #5988

 This wonderful crusty old Colt is from lot 6 serial # 5505-6516 of the Custer issued guns. According to John Kopec, an unkown  number, estimated at approxmately 150, of the primary issue of 7th Cavalry Colts were from Lot 6.  Companies D and I were issued 166 Colt revolvers from Lot 6 during the third and fourth quarters of 1874. It is estimated that approximately 300 of  Custer's  Colt  revolvers were from Lot 6. Serial numbers  5505, 5637, 5740, 5743, 5773, 5998, 6048, 6067, 6269 and 6450 are all known Custer pistols.

Pistols condition is well used but still has all matching serial numbers-5988. It also exhibits all the proper A's & P's.  The barrel has been reduced to a little over 4 3/4" with original front sight reset, so it's pretty safe to assume it was either lost ,stolen or went over the hill with a deserter . The left grips exhibits a R branded in it and the out line of the Ainsworth cartouche is still visible. This pistol is just the way you'd hope to find a Custer Colt . 


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