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Prison Double Barrel Shotgun
Prison Double Barrel Shotgun

This historic shotgun is identified to the Missouri State Prison and also has it's location in the prison Post 7 on it's receiver. The Prison was opened in Jefferson City, Mo. in 1836. It was known as the" Bloodiest 47 acre in America ". In the 19th century it housed members of the James-Younger gang like Bill Ryan. Also, John Reno of the infamous Reno Gang , who by the way invented the Train Robbery, a crime that was incorrectly attributed to the James-Younger gang.  The 20th century also saw some pretty infamous  characters such as gangster Pretty Boy Floyd, Sonny Liston and James Earl Ray( who escaped in 1967  and went on to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968) .

The shotguns  barrels are 19" long and are .12 ga. The locks are signed T.Barker  which was a Trade name used by H. & D Folsom of New York,  St. Louis and New Orleans. The gun is in very good shape with good mechanics and a nice tight lock up.  



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