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1873 Winchester 1st mdl.
1873 Winchester 1st mdl.

This untouched Indian Rifle was formerly in the James D. Gordon collection and pictured on pg. 363 of his great book "Winchester New Model of 1873 A Tribute" Vol. 2.  I've had it in my personal collection for over 10 years. The rifle was mfg. in 1875 so it would qualify as a possible "Little Big Horn " Indian rifle. The serial number under the hide wrapped wrist is #12159.  I've tied to take some good pictures of the both sides of the butt stock where tacks once decorated it.  These are long gone and have a great worn patina to the holes. The action will cycle a cartridge but will not hold all the time on full cock.   A rare chance to own a pre Custer Indian '73 Winchester.

‚ÄčJust added last three pictures are of this rifle pictured in the 1873 Winchester book.  


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