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S & W  Second Model American-Sherman McMasters
S & W Second Model American-Sherman McMasters

A very interesting pistol carried by a truly interesting man.  Sherman McMasters  was a man who workrd on both sides of the law.  Texas Ranger-Gunslinger-Outlaw . In Tombstone  he was originally a hired gun with the with Cowboys but switched to the Earps side after he witnessed some cowardly back shooting by the Cowboys. He actively participated in Wyatt Earps Vedetta.  Sherman McMasters was a very colorful old West characterI've put together a inch thick folder on this very interesting man.  

The pistol has a great Western Gunslinger  look. The original 8" barrel has been reduced to 3 3/4" for a quicker draw.  S & W was known to use the L.D.Nimschke shop for it's special engraving and this pistol exhibits some of  L.D.N's  patterns.  The ivory Eagle and Snake grips have acquired a beautiful mellow yellow worn patina. A great looking western pistol with wonderful history! 


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