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1766  Charleville Triple U.S surcharged
1766 Charleville Triple U.S surcharged



This is an attic condition Rev.War musket. The lock is signed St.Etienne which was one of three French arsenals and has the U.S ownership stamp. These are the first muskets used by the Continental Army in the American Revolution. The U.S. barrel stamp is still visible but covered over with pitting and the muzzle was trimmed about an 1".  The "U.States" brand on the stock was purposely removed during it's period of use more than likely after it was sold to Pennsylvania.  By the Spring of 1780 there were sufficent quantities of military stores in the possession of the Continental Government to enable the sale of these stores to the States. This well used musket is one of the French design muskets that were sold to the States.  The musket has' P P' branded in the buttstock which stands for Property of Pennsylvania  pursuant to the Mar.2,1776  orders of the Committe of Safety.  Between Jan.1781 and June 1783 the Colony of Pennsylvania bought 300 of these repaired muskets identified as "New French Muskets".  When I acquired this musket it was missing it's barrel band springs which can easily be replaced by the new owner if so desired. However, I prefer an untouched gun myself .
  A really great musket carried by an American soldier in George Washington's Continental Army and also by a Pennsylvania soldier who no doubt saw some sevice in the early Indian Wars that followed the American Revolution.  




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