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Kentucky Rifle
Kentucky Rifle "Golden Age "

This beautiful gun is truly the work of a master gunmaker. It was made by Melchoir Fordney  Lancaster, Pa.  He was one of the best of the Lancaster makers in the Golden Age of rifle makers. The rifle also has the added rarity of exhibiting two other Lancaster golden age makers on the lock George Moyer and Deppard ( William ). The lock appears to be a professional restoration to it's original flint . The .48 cal. barrel is 44 1/2" long and signed on the top flat M * Fordney . The front and rear sights are engraved around there bases. There's a hidden patchbox release button at the toe of the buttstock. The wrist exhibits a engraved silver escutcheon.   Everywhere you look on this fine rifle you find outstanding examples of fine engraving or incised carving.  One of the finest examples of a Golden Age Kentucky Rifle available for sale today.  


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