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1879 Springfield T.D Carbine
1879 Springfield T.D Carbine

This is a captured Indian trapdoor carbine from the battle of ​Wounded Knee.  ​The old tag that's become part of the buttstock states "Collected by Major S.M. Whiteside at Wounded Knee Dak. .............Sioux.......P. Ewe........". There's more there but it's pretty well faded out.  At the time of the battle Whitside was a Major with the 7th Cav. He would later go on to retire a Brig. Gen. in 1902.  Maj.Whitside  was sent to Wounded Knee to capture Big Foot, which he did. After that all hell broke loose. 

​This carbine shows signs of hard Indian use and modifications. The front sight blade has been removed as well as the sling ring.  I've owned a number of Indian trapdoors that had the front blade removed as they preferred to aim through the channel of the base of the sight. The stock also shows exidence of some old dark green paint in a few area's. This is something that was a common practice in Indian Warrior Society's.   This is a true War trophy from the Last Battle of the Indian Wars.  


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