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Kentucky Longarm
Kentucky Longarm

J. Henry  is actually J.Joseph Henry  who apprenticed under his father William Henry  at the BushKill gunworks before opening his own establishment in 1807  in Philadelphia.  The Henry family  had establishments in Lancaster, Nazareth, Bushkill and Philadelphia before consolidating in Bolton in 1822.   J. Joseph had military contracts with Maryland and Pennsylvania.  He also supplied arms to John Jacob Astor's American Fur Co.
This gun is in beautiful original condition with a 45 1/2" Oct/Rd. barrel that was made for buck and ball. The curly maple stock is all in one piece without any repairs. This gun was fired alot but well taken care of. You can see where the wood above the lock has been worn away from firing. The touch hole has been rebushed during it's period of use. This was the proper fix which was done when the touch hole got to big from repeated firing. The lock flashpan appears original and undisturbed. The ramrod retains it's original worm. One of the neatest features of this gun is it's classic Leigh Valley trigger guard with the Indian head finial. A really super gun from a very famous family. 



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